Chiropractic Can Help Sciatic Pain in Katy


Sciatic Pain Helped By Chiropractor

There is hardly a more misunderstood condition that a chiropractor treats than sciatica. While it is true that any form of discomfort in your lower back that prevents you from living life your way merits proper treatment, not all of this pain should be classified as sciatic pain. The truth is, sciatic pain is in a class all of its own, thankfully chiropractic care in Katy can provide relief that lasts.

Sciatica Explained

The nerve that extends from the lower region of your back, and extends down towards the rear of each leg is the sciatic nerve. It is both the most lengthy and wide nerve in your body and is in charge of giving your extremities the ability to feel sensations. In the case of suspected sciatica pain, these regions of the body are the most likely to feel significant pain.

To be more specific in terms of pain, those who deal with sciatica can feel a wide range of symptoms. These can be anything from numbness, to sharp poking pains, and even feeling hot or cold in the area despite the temperature in the room being constant. The location of sciatic pain can also vary wildly. As far as common threads go, individuals who are middle-aged are more likely to be affected by sciatic pain. More often than not, the pain arises from simple overuse with age instead of some sort of trauma. The pain tends to become amplified if one sits too long or moves too suddenly.

Chiropractic Treats the Source of Your Pain

Individuals dealing with severe sciatic pain will try every trick in the book to find relief. However, modern medicine is often ill-equipped to deal with this kind of condition. Often, a physician will use a ham-handed approach to provide relief that just involves some type of prescription drug that covers up the symptoms without treating the underlying issue. Your chiropractor in Katy will work to treat the source of your sciatica to ensure you find relief that lasts.

The patients who visit our chiropractic clinic often exclaim that they enjoy our prescription-free, surgery-free, natural approach to care. Patients are wary of expensive medical procedures and for good reason! The spine is a delicate structure and opting for more conservative care first only makes sense with so much as stake. Get to the heart of your condition and find out what it's like to experience real relief.

Advice for Overcoming Sciatica

While it can be easy to feel powerless when it comes to sciatica, you do have some aspects you can control. By working to live a healthier lifestyle, standing up straight, and using good form in day to day life, you allow yourself a better chance at recovery. To take you the rest of the way on the road to full rehabilitation, contact Thrive Chiropractic in Katy to start your journey today.

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